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Electric Vehicles : Sensors and Programming

With the oil crisis of 1970s, which affected our day to day lives in unfathomable ways, the transport industry too took a toll. A steep increase in the fuel prices meant less use of personal vehicles and thus lesser profits for the automotive industry. With no end in sight to the continuous and exponential rise in fuel prices, it was only in the definite interest of the companies to shift from oil as a fuel to better alternatives. Even though the idea of electric vehicles was prominent then, with some prototypes in existence, the major issue was mileage. With the meager coverage it gave, those cars were pretty useless other than for going shopping inside the city. Long drives and top speeds, the very component of thrill and adventure that car enthusiasts love about a drive was missing. There was no adrenaline rush in Battery Electric Vehicles compared to the traditional Internal Combustion Engine counterparts.  That is until, the TESLA ROADSTER unveiled in 2008. This c

Electric Vehicle maintenance tips

Key factors to look out for if you own an EV EV’s are the need of the hour and the future of automobile industry. Not only do they save the environment, they also save you lot on the maintenance department. Current combustible engine vehicles are a major pollutant. Vehicles are said to contribute to 27% of air pollution and are responsible for 75% of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. These alarming numbers can be reduced if we replace ICE vehicles with EV’s. EV’s, although expensive, guarantees savings in the maintenance front as they have less moving parts compared to an ICE and the cost of electricity is pennies when compared to the cost of fuel. Reduced moving components mean that there is a lesser chance of things going wrong in an EV. So what are the factors that one should really look out for in an EV? Here I have debriefed on the 4 major points to look out for: 1) Monitor the battery In an EV, the battery takes up the majority chunk of space under the hood. A car

Bigfix Presents “No Contact” Repairs!

Bigfix presents “No Contact” Repairs As the COVID-19/ Corona Virus is on the prowl, people are in an eternal state of paranoia to touch anything and everything for the fear of getting infected with the corona virus, even the minimal physical contact, has deprived them of free access to all the products and services they need to survive. We at Bigfix have figured out a way to offer absolutely “no contact” repair services to customers & partners while engaging in a transaction. Collaboration APPs So, the mission “no contact” repair starts with a customer’s online repair order. Bigfix’s web/ mobile apps ( offers advanced features to search, identify, connect, engage, book, track and pay for repair orders. Once a customer books repair appointment, a repair lead notification appears in Bigfix Partner App ( Partner can confirm the customer appointment by accepting the lead. Partner can inspect the device and generate job car

Similarities between Electronics Devices & Electric Vehicles Manufacturing

The future of electric vehicles (EVs) in the world is bright .The similarities between electronic companies and EVs run deep. Key components of an EV can be assembled in modules, like a video game player or a phone. An EV runs on a lithium-ion battery, just like almost every mobile device. It has an electric motor, which these companies also know well. Sony's Vision-S, like other cars now on the drawing board, is meant to fuse seamlessly with a user's mobile phone. The Vision-S's doors can be opened with an app, a feature already found on today's all-electric Teslas. Approach the car watching a video, and that video ports automatically to the car's video screen, which runs the entire length of the dashboard. That door trick is an act of electronics, experts points out that the traditional auto door is mechanical: Pull on the door handle, which slides a cable, which opens the latch. But a door meant to open by smartphone would replace the cable with an electr

Ways to keep yourself engaged during lockdown

WAYS TO KEEP YOURSELF ENGAGED DURING LOCKDOWN Technology has helped us elevate our standard of living, redefining the very meaning of staying connected and almost everything else. But now, the world has come to an abrupt halt and the need to connect whilst in social distancing and the need for tech to help us has never been this high. So here are 10 tech based innovations that can keep you engaged during these isolated days.               1.   Houseparty.       2.   Kindle.       3.   Zoom.       4.   Netflix.        5.   Google Stadia.       6.    LinkedIn.       7.   Audible.       8.   Nike training club.       9.   Practo.       10.   Coursera. ·         HOUSEPARTY Houseparty is the perfect app for the ambiverts who prefer to stay put all day in the comfort of their beds but also don’t want to miss out on what their friends are up-to. As the makers of the app would like to call it “A face-to-face social network“ it truly enables you to connect wit

Work from Home - Essentials!

Work-from-home is here to stay. Threats to business come from many areas but those companies that are using technology to maximize their productivity, will find it easier to ride out disruption. New technology has enabled companies to offer employees this flexibility and that means that even in the midst of a global crisis, businesses can carry on productively with limited impact in a secure and collaborative way. Going forward, post quarantine period the concept will gain popularity. Companies will intensify to implement the WFH program aiming to reduce their overhead cost and improve employee productivity. WFH Check list Infrastructure/ Work Area Select a bright and ventilated spot in your home Setup a table & comfortable chair Arrange your basic stationary Ensure that the place resembles your regular work spot in office Hardware Internet Connection Wi-Fi Router, Repeater Laptop/ Desktop Computer Mobilephone Spikebuster extension box, Power Adaptors