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Job Opportunities in Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications industry can be categorised as device manufacturing, network distribution & signal transmission, device installtion and maintenance of equipments. These communication access services are provided by specialized companies that can deliver these services to large geographic areas. The industry has evolved with popular technology, such as the expanding installation of fiber optics. Wireless services are expected to continue to take over the industry as well, due to lower service costs. Telecom is considered to be a good career path as the industry continues to evolve and grow with the boom of new technology. Wireless equipment provides more reliable services, and businesses are competing to offer the fastest internet and best deals. If you have excellent problem-solving skills and enjoy working on a team, you’re likely to be successful in this field. Popular telecom jobs involve developing, installing, and using technology to send messages over long distances, su


SIGNS OF A EXCEPTIONAL EMPLOYEE 1. They ask questions others do not 2. They constantly try to improve everything, starting with themselves 3. People come to them for help and advice 4. They remain positive in negative situations and are the sunshine for everyone else 5. They are loyal, knowledgeable, honest, and hard-working, they exceed expectations and help others exceed theirs. 6. They challenge status quo, and come up with new ideas 7. They have a strong sense of ownership, of urgency, of responsibility 8. They are nice people - If people aren't nice, then it does not matter how smart they are. DO YOU HAVE THESE QUALITIES?

Repair Center Management - Software as a Service

Do  you own a gadget repair shop? We can help you improve your business! Use our SaaS Application absolutely free and avail the following features: ✓ Partner On-boarding ✓ CRM ✓ Lead Supply ✓ Repair Management ✓ Employee Management ✓ POS ✓ Stock & Inventory ✓ Billing ✓ GST Invoice ✓ Analytics ✓ Messaging ✓ Notification ✓ Technician Tracking ✓ Payment Gateway Bigfix Customer App: (book, track & pay) Web: Android: Apple: Bigfix Partner App: Web: partner Android: 2UXSknl Apple: 2Hz0Vob Bigfix Technician App: Android: 2EWzx1R