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Apple iPhone Repair

In today's Gadget World, Apple is a leader in communication and entertainment devices. From restoring dysfunctional iPods to repairing damaged iPhones, iPads and MacBooks too, Big Fix | Gadget Care is your one stop solution for all Apple related services in India. We can repair & unlock all past and present apples models, including the iphone 2g, iphone 3g, iphone 3gs, iphone 4g, 4s, iPod & ipad etc.  We have professionally trained technical team who can repair your apple product to the highest possible standard in your budget. All our repairs are fully tested before we send them back, so you can be sure that your apple will be in full working order when you receive it.our services are quick, on rare occasions your apple could take longer to repair. iPhone Repair Modern smartphones are technologically advanced devices allowing anyone to check their email, navigate via GPS, and even manage finances all on the go. Among these mobile devices, the iPhone remains one

Asus Tablet Repair

If you have a damaged Asus device, you may be running from pillar to post to get a suitable replacement. Even if you find one, it can be quite expensive, however, we provide you the best and cost effective repair and service for your Asus Tablet.  We @ Big Fix | Gadget Care  provide Asus a great alternative to replacing the entire damaged Asus tablet. We can replace parts for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF201 and TF101, TF300, and the Google Nexus. Our wide selection of Asus screens are a great choice that can restore your device to like-new condition for a low cost. The wide selection of Asus screens we offer here at Big Fix Gadget Care are designed to fit each device specifically and are of the highest quality available on the market. By listing each available Asus parts within their own category, you will be able to easily determine which replacement part will work with your particular Asus device.  Additionally, we keep all of our prices competitive to ensure you

Lenovo Tablet Repair

If you have a Lenovo tablet , you are likely use it often to accomplish a variety of tasks, including sending emails, browsing websites, watching videos and more.  If the screen of your Lenovo Ideapad has been damaged in some way, however, it can impact your ability to use the device the way you want. If your touch screen has scratches or cracks due a drop, it can interfere with your ability to clearly view images on your damaged Lenovo tablet screen. If your touchscreen lags or no longer responds when you touch it, using the device can be virtually impossible. Although it may be tempting to purchase an entirely new Lenovo IdeaPad 7” or other damaged device, this can be expensive. It is much more affordable to purchase a replacement screen for your Lenovo tablet instead. Here at Big Fix | Gadget Care, we offer a wide selection of Lenovo tablet screen replacements & repair parts that will allow you to restore your device for a low cost. Although all of our screen re

Onsite support services for computers and networks

On-Site Care When your PC, tablet, printer or mobile device gives you trouble, get technical support, fast. We have the fastest turnaround time for onsite services at your home and at your workplace. Call us, and we will immediately send our field engineer to your support. Some of the tasks handled by our field engineers include: Maintain your servers, and troubleshoot your network. Mobile users (laptops, vpn’s, remote users, logmein, ipads, iphones, remote email/calendar sync). Desktop users (slow systems, network connectivity, antivirus, maleware, MS Office assistance). MAC users (Mac mini’s, Macbooks, Parallels, fusion, exchange connections). Servers (File server, windows domains, ldap, email/exchange, applications). Networks (switches, vlans, performance tuning your network) Security (firewalls, encryption, compliance). Unix (Apache, file servers, voice, etc.) Backups (file backups, mailbox backups, recovery from server crash, recovery from office disaster). Annua

Nokia Lumia Repair

Is your Nokia handset damaged and in need of a repair? Here at BigFix | Gadget Care , we are staffed with skilled & certified technicians to provide quality Nokia repairs  – so we can get your mobile phone fixed and back in your hands as quickly as possible. We provide a specialist repairs service, so whatever problem you have with your Nokia handset, we’ll be able to help fix it: Cracked, smashed or unresponsive screen Problems with software, e.g. data loss Hardware issues, e.g. battery or camera faults Water damage (however, this usually means a phone cannot be repaired) Broken casing.

Big Fix | Ecare Services

We have launched a fully featured online e-care portal to support you with the following activities. Big Fix | E-care Service ✓ Do you use multiple IT gadgets at Home/ Office? ✓ Do you want one stop protection for all your devices? ✓ Do you want express service with no wait time? ✓ Do you require onsite support, remote tech support? ✓ Do you want to keep track of your repair status? ✓ Do you want to keep track of your device history? ✓ Do you want discount on labour charges? ✓ Do you want to sell your old gadget? Then,  Register Now !

Pick-UP & Return Facility

Pick-Up Care What a disaster! Your gadget has failed, and you’re too busy to take it to the repair centre to get it fixed. Lucky for you, you’re covered with the Big Fix Pick-up & Return Service! We’ll pick-up your gadget, fix it, and bring it back to you at your convenience, saving you time and money. Safety Features of Pickup Since, we understand the value and the importance of the gadget and its safety aspects, our trained logistic executive arrive to pickup your device in Tier 1 cities. In Tier 2 locations, we have chosen the best logistics partners such as Aramex, Delhivery, Firstflight, etc, to serve you better, faster also in the safest manner for your gadgets. How to register for a Pickup  For all these, we need to spend 2 minutes for the registration, by clicking the " Register for Pickup " and register yourself. You need to provide the following details: - Register your personal details. - Select your gadget details - Specify your gadget details

Tablet Repair

We are No: 1, destination in India for Tablet Repair. Some of the most common tablet repairs we perform Cracked Glass Broken Digitizer Tablet Firmware updates Tablet USB Jack Repair Tablet WiFi Drop-Outs Tablet RAM Memory Testing Genuine tablet Batteries Tablet Screen Constantly Freezing Tablet Speaker Replacement Tablet Headphone Repair Tablet Zero Or Low Sound If your tablet breaks, you must immediately seek professional help. They are amazing devices and need to be properly taken care of, in order to fully recover from any type of damage.  Contact us 18002001240 or login to  book a call. One of our expert technicians will take a look at it, and get back to you with a free diagnosis and quote. We will make sure your tablet is always in good hands. Cracked Glass Popular Tablet Models: HCL Repair iBall Repair Micromax Repair Apple iPad repair Galaxy Tab P1000 repair BlackBerry PlayBook repair Sony Tablet Repair iPad 2 Repair HP TouchPad R