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Lenovo IdeaPad A10 Android Laptop launched

  Lenovo IdeaPad A10  The tablet is undoubtedly among the most affordable computing devices you can buy these days. But they are not very good with productivity as they do not have keyboards and are not built to take on high-powered tasks. But then the Lenovo IdeaPad A10 is different. It is an Android multi-mode tablet which you can use in a laptop mode with its keyboard and in a stand mode where the touchscreen is more dominant. But it is Android and does not run a conventional desktop OS. The concept is not new. However, all the so-called tablet hybrids till now were quite expensive and ran Windows. The IdeaPad A10 is priced at Rs 19,990, where there are hardly any challengers for the device. If there is one challenger that is the Acer C720 Chromebook, priced around Rs 22,000. Both run operating systems developed by Google, but are in no way similar. In fact, I think the IdeaPad A10 is better than the cheapest Chromebook. Here are five reasons why: Design The Ideapad

MAIT - IT Hardware Report for 2012-13.

Manufacturers' Association for Information Technology , the apex body representing India's IT hardware, training and R&D services sectors, announced the findings of its Industry Performance Review for the financial year 2012-13. The annual MAIT Industry Performance Review--ITOPs, conducted by India's leading market research firm IMRB International, is a survey of the IT hardware sector's efforts to manage the business environment, gauge the market potential and consumer trends. Key highlights of the study The total PC sales between April 2012 and March 2013, combining desktop computers, notebooks and netbooks were at 11.31million (113.1 lakh) units, registering a growth of five per cent over the last fiscal. Internet penetration in the 22 cities was 65% among businesses and 35 per cent among households. The sales of desktops stood at 6.77 million (67.7 lakh) units registering a growth of one per cent. Notebooks and Netbooks taken together recorded a consu

Bigfix E-Care Roadshow in Annanagar, Chennai

Bigfix E-Care Roadshow @Annanagar, Chennai We congratulate Bigfix E-Care marketing team for undertaking a campaign to promote our online services   We are greatly motivated by the response and hope to take up such events frequently.

How to Install the Cortana Touting Windows Phone 8.1 Update on Your Device

Officially, Cortana won’t be making its way to Windows Phone handsets for a few months, but there is a way to install the new Windows Phone 8.1 update on your Windows Phone device at this very moment! The process isn’t too involved, and will take you just a few minutes to get the sassy Cortana on your device. Before we get started, there are a few things worth noting. Your Windows Phone device must be running Windows Phone 8 Update 2, and once you turn on the update, there’s no reverting your device back to its original state. Installing the developer preview will also void your warranty up until the time that the update is officially rolled out to your device.S till into it? Read on! First off, you’ll need to gain developer status if you haven’t already. If the thought of staring at code terrifies you, don’t worry. Anyone can join Microsoft’s developer club, even if they don’t create an app. To begin your journey twords obtaining developer status, head over to Microsoft’s we

Nokia Asha software update

Nokia has announced the commencement of the Asha software update roll out for all the supporting Asha family of devices. The new Nokia Asha software update brings Nokia MixRadio, an improved camera application, Microsoft OneDrive storage support and a more social Fastlane interface. The Asha software update is applicable to all the Asha series mobile phones released last year as well including Asha 500, Asha 501, Asha 502, Asha 503 and Asha 230. The Nokia Asha software update brings along the MixRadio - a personalised music streaming and download service. However, the MixRadio service is available only to select countries and may not work for everyone. Users can employ more parental control where in the users can apply special password or PIN code for controlling the web browser and Nokia Store access. With Parental Controls, users can prevent accidental downloads and data usage. Please log in to for more information and support.

Major changes in Windows Phone 8.1

Major changes in Windows Phone 8.1 you must know about: ---------------- Firstly, its now much faster and reliable. 1. More live tiles like lumia 1520 in low size devices 2. Background wallpaper for home screen i.e. Live tiles 3. New Notification center with better mul titasking support 4. Internet explorer 11 with unlimited number of tab browsing. 5. Youtube now plays inline i.e portrait mode 6. U can download songs and videos directly through internet explorer and it will be save on music and videos hub separately. The main thing is, while downloading if u lock the screen or press the home button. Downloading will be running. 7. U can download or install apps directly to ur memory card 8. Cortana voice assistant added but u have to change ur region to US only. 9. Facebook messaging has been removed from people hub. Facebook app has been integrated in to people hub. 10. Kill running apps by swiping down rather than clicking close. 11. Wifi and data sense added. 12. icloud account

How to protect your expensive mobile phone

The growing popularity of smartphones and electronic gadgets in India obviously shows that people are willing to spend large sums of money sometimes even an entire month's salary to buy a mobile phone. Considering the fact that the second-hand mobile phones market in India is estimated at around Rs.400 crores, there is a good chance that all lost or stolen mobiles are resold in the grey markets of the country. The growing penetration of high end and smartphone market in the country has also increased the number of cases of thefts and accidental damages. There has been a growing trend for increasing gadget protection with consumers opting for mobile insurance including extended warranty and theft protection. So if you are one of those eagerly awaiting a new expensive mobile launch from your favorite mobile phone manufacturing company, opting for mobile phone insurance may be a good idea. By paying a simple annual premium, mobile insurance can safeguard the phone from accidental l

Sony's Recalls Vaio Fit 11A models

Sony is advising consumers to quit using some of its Vaio laptop computers and unplug them, saying that it's possible that its non-removable battery pack could overheat. The company says it's in the process of creating a program to repair or replace the computers, or will refund their purchase price. The packs included in some of Sony's Vaio Fit 11A models, which were released in February, were provided by a third-party supplier. If the packs overheat, it could cause burns to the laptop's housing, Sony said Friday.  The recall affects computers with the product name "SVF11N1XXXX." It's unclear how many laptops are affected. It plans to make an announcement on the repair program within two weeks. ---------- Please login to for laptop troubleshooting, upgrades and maintenance.

"Heartbleed" Bug causes major security headaches across the Internet websites

A confounding computer bug called "Heartbleed" is causing major security headaches across the Internet as websites scramble to fix the problem and Web surfers wonder whether they should change their passwords to prevent theft of their email accounts, credit card numbers and other sensitive information. Heartbleed creates an opening in SSL/TLS, an encryption technology marked by the small, closed padlock and "https:" on Web browsers to signify that traffic is secure. The flaw makes it possible to snoop on Internet traffic even if the padlock had been closed. Interlopers could also grab the keys for deciphering encrypted data without the website owners knowing the theft had occurred, according to security researchers. The problem affects only the variant of SSL/TLS known as OpenSSL, but that happens to be one of the most common on the Internet. About two-thirds of Web servers rely on OpenSSL, Chartier said. That means the information passing through hundreds o

New Branding and design lauched for BIGFIX E-CARE

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List of 20 Android Secret Codes for your Smartphone

List of  20 Android Secret Codes for your Smartphone :-   Phone Information, Usage and Battery – *#*#4636#*#*   IMEI Number – *#06#   Enter Service Menu On Newer Phones – *#0*#   Detailed Camera Information – *#*#34971539#*#*   Backup All Media Files – *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*   Wireless LAN Test – *#*#232339#*#*   Enable Test Mode for Service – *#*#197328640#*#*   Back-light Test – *#*#0842#*#*   Test the Touchscreen – *#*#2664#*#* Vibration Test – *#*#0842#*#*   FTA Software Version – *#*#1111#*#*   Complete Software and Hardware Info – *#12580*369#   Diagnostic Configuration – *#9090#   USB Logging Control – *#872564#   System Dump Mode – *#9900#   HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu – *#301279#   View Phone Lock Status – *#7465625#   Reset the Data Partition to Factory State – *#*#7780#*#*   Format Your Device To Factory State(will delete everything on your phone) – *2767*3855#   Hidden Service Menu For Motorola Droid – ##7764726 ----------- Reach us on for smartphone

Useful Nokia Code for old feature phones

Nokia Code Functions - Old Symbian Phones --------------------- *#9999# Phones software version if *#0000# does not work #pw +1234567890+­1# Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols) #pw+1234567890+­2# Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols) #pw+1234567890+­3# Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols) #pw+1234567890+­4# SIM Card Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols) *#147# This lets you know who called you last (Only vodofone) *#1471# Last call (Only vodofone) *#21# This phone code allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted to *#2640# Displays phone security code in use *#30# Lets you see the private number *#43# Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your cell phone. *#61# Allow

Nokia X vs Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

N okia X, the cheapest among the three Nokia Android smartphones, has finally been launched in India. The other two phones, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL, will be launched in the country in next two months. The Nokia X has been priced at Rs 8,599 for the Indian market. At this price, you can also buy the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2. Thus we have compared the two handsets on the basis of their features which will give you some idea about their worth. Design and display D uring its launch, the Nokia India guys prominently talked about the ruggedness of Nokia X. They even showed how it can withstand falls on tough surfaces. There is nothing like that when it comes to Galaxy S Duos 2. The Nokia X measures 115.5 mm x 63 mm x 10.4 mm (height, width, thickness) and it weighs 128.7 grams. On the other hand, the Samsung phone measures 121.5x 63.1x10.57 mm and weighs 118 grams. Both the phones come with 4-inch display that too with the same 480x800 pixels resolution. H owever, the similart

Microsoft will stop technical support for Windows XP

Microsoft will stop technical support for its most popular operating system (OS) Windows XP globally from tomorrow, bringing down curtains on the software giant's longest running OS. From tomorrow, customers will no longer receive new security updates, hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates for their XP OS. Windows XP, which was launched in October 2001, is three generations behind the latest operating system Windows 8 that hit markets in October 2012. The current XP version is called Windows XP Service Pack 3. Microsoft will also stop automatic updates and Microsoft Security Essentials for XP from April 8. "There is a sense of urgency because after April 8, Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) customers will no longer receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates," Microsoft Director (Trustworthy Computing division) Tim Rains had said ear