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Free Nokia Service Camp

Speak with our customer care executive @ 1800 200 1240 & schedule an appointment at your nearest BigFix E-Care centre or Free Book a call via Online( Express Booking Form ).

How to protect your smartphone from hacking

Installing repackaged APP If you're regularly installing apps for free, then you're also making your phone vulnerable to fake and rogue apps. Experts say many hackers download a popular app, put a malicious code into it and then put it back on the Android Play Store as a free copy of a popular app. The most rampant way to compromise data on a mobile phone is downloading free applications, says Altaf Halde, managing director of Kapersky Lab (South Asia). What should you do? Try not to install any unofficial apps, especially if these look like free copies of popular premium apps. Do not click on advertisements shown on the bottom of your phone screen and do not subscribe to sites. When you download games, ensure you have read the reviews posted online that the game is malware-free. Ways of Hacking Vishing : Phishing (typically an attempt to get personal information via e-mails) through the telephone Smishing:  Send SMS with a link, clicking on which installs a troj


TOP TEN MUST-KNOW BLACKBERRY 10 KEYBOARD TIPS 1.  To hide the keyboard, long press on the space bar or do a two finger swipe down. Two finger swipe upwards brings it back up. 2.  To delete a whole word, swipe to the left from the right. 3.  Hold down a letter key to view and select special characters, such as accents. 4.  To dictate out loud, hold down the period button for a moment, speak, then tap Done. 5.  To enable audio and visual typing feedback, swipe down from the top pane of any home screen, tap Settings, tap Language and Input, then On-Screen Keyboard. Prediction suggestions can be turned off or repositioned from here as well. 6.  To activate multiple languages in the keyboard's prediction engine, swipe down from the top pane of any home screen, tap Settings, tap Language and Input, then Input Languages, and Add/Remove Languages at the bottom. 7.  Go into Automated Assistance from the Language and Input settings and tap Word Substitution to create typi

Keyboard tips that will make you type faster on Windows Phone

The keyboard on Windows Phone works really well. We can type really fast on it, but maybe it’s because we’ve been using Windows Phone devices for a while now. Whether you’re already a pro at typing away several emails or just getting familiar with a new Windows Phone device, there are definitely some tips and tricks that will make you type faster. We’ve gathered 7 keyboard tips that will help new users or those who may have not had the time to experiment. 1. Tap space bar twice for period This could be the oldest trick in the book and many of you may already know it. Just tap the spacebar twice to type a period. This helps end those sentences quickly. 2. Swipe to numbers or symbols Need to type a number or symbol quickly? It might be faster for you to swipe from the symbol button &123 to the number or symbol. Press and hold the &123 button and then drag it to what you want to type. If you plan to type a lot of numbers consecutively, then it will probably be faster to

Why does my iPhone heat when charged and when in use ?

Question: My iPhone gets really hot when charging and sometimes when I use it. I thought it might do this because my iPhone is cracked and I've thought about getting the screen fixed but I'm not sure if that's the reason why it's hot. I have also stopped using, I haven't used it for a few weeks now but it still heats up when I charge it. What can I do to resolve this problem? Answer: 1. Bad Connection In areas with poor or reduced connectivity, iPhone has to expend more time searching for and maintaining network connections. This in turn uses more energy which causes the battery to heat up. Possible Solution You can try turning  Airplane Mode  on and see if you have the same problem with heating up. I also have an iPhone and I myself notice that it does not heat up if I am out in the open, but it heats up and drains the battery if I am in the basement of a large concrete building. 2. Case? If you have a case for your iPhone, you should expect that it

New info-pages launched for

We are glad to announce the launch of our new info site for Our Ecare application is in Beta and will be launched on March 1st, 2014. Our partner campaign is live on .

How to speed up and clean up your iPhone

How to speed up and clean up your iPhone Recalim hard drive space Generally, cleaning up your iPhone (or iPod Touch, or iPad) is a pretty straight-forward process where you check and tinker with your hard drive consumption. We haven't seen a hard statistic for how much space it's good to keep free on your iPhone, but as a general rule, it's good to leave at least 500 MB-1GB of free space when you can. This frees up enough room for apps to store data so you don't have to worry about crashes. P If you're running short on data storage on your iPhone, it's time to clean up and take a look at which apps are taking up the most space and why. On your phone, tap Settings > General > Usage. Here you'll find a list of your apps and how much space they're taking up. In the screenshot on the right you can see that the Camera+ app is taking up 273 MB of storage. Why? It has its own built-in camera roll. This means the app is storing a second se

How to recover a Nokia from liquid damage

Have you ever sat there, watching transfixed as your phone fell out of your grasp into the nearest source of water (or other liquid)? For smartphone connoisseurs that probably ranks up there with the sickening crunch that comes when your wi fe’s car backs over something you were sure you placed on the seat. There’s no way to recover a phone from physical destruction, but occasionally a quick-acting individual can save their phone from a water damage death. Nokia has your back here, and has released a set of instructions for you to follow if you happen to drop a Lumia Windows Phone device into your nearest puddle (it’s probably good advice for any phone…physics doesn’t alter in the presence of WP7), The lighthearted guide should really be read on the original infographic below, but in brief Nokia advises you to: 1. Get the phone out of the water ASAP. 2. Remove the SIM, battery, and any other removable items from the phone 3. Dry it off! 4. Let it continue drying overnight 4. Test

Buy - Sell - Trade @ BigFix

Looking to buy a cell phone? Or you can’t afford to pay full retail price for a phone upgrade? BigFix Ecare has a large selection of used and refurbished phones from Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Sony & Micromax. All of our phones are sold with SIM unlocked, come with a charger, and 3 month BigFix warranty. We also buy/sell used Laptops, Tablets & computers from Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, Sony & Asus. You can login to and register your gadget to find the current market price of your gadget. We’ll take your old or broken gadgets in on trade for store credit or CASH! If you are looking for a specific gadget? Our inventory is always being updated. Let us know what you’re looking for, we can always source it out for you! You can login to our E-shop to see what is currently in stock, Call 18002001240 for any questions regarding the price or trade in value of your device! Sellers/ Buyers must be 18 years of age or older, and have a val

Nokia Lumia 720 repair

Having covered the premium and the entry-level segment, Nokia is paying due attention to the midrange and hoping that it will pay off handsomely. The Lumia 720 was the leader of the company's lineup at this year's MWC and is arguably the company's best shot at extending its growth streak over the second quarter of this year. The Lumia 720 is probably the most sensible WP8 package the Finns have designed so far. For all its progress over the past year, Windows Phone is still largely considered as a distant third in the smartphone race, which is dominated by iOS and Android. That's painfully true in the premium class where Microsoft and Nokia have no meaningful response to multiple-core CPUs and 1080p screens. The midrange however, is a more friendly game, giving the good-looking and decently-equipped Lumia 720 a reasonable chances for a shot at top spot. Besides, the Lumia 720 even has a couple of advantages over its premium sibling, the Nokia Lumia 920. First

Valentines Offer, Upto 50% discount on service charges

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